Which Is Geekier?

Standing in line for an iPhone or standing in line for Halo 3?


Halo 3

I got into a “discussion”(argument) with a friend of mine over which group of people are geekier. Sure Halo enthusiasts will argue that at least they are standing in line for a game you can play for hours on end and get that much entertainment out of it and that people that stand in line for an iPhone are standing in line for well…just a phone. But MY argument was that instead of talking to 10 year old boys through your headset in Xbox Live, at least with that phone, one can actually call up a real girl and go out on a date with that girl and potentially have sex with said girl. Which in my opinion is much more entertaining and satisfying than any video game.

After a few minutes of arguing, we realized that arguing over who’s geekier is pointless cause at the end of the day, the fact still remained that we were both still geeks. Then we both got sad.


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One Response to “Which Is Geekier?”

  1. Beanpaste Says:

    Then we both got sad.

    Whoever posted this was a mess. I think the iPhone is the hottest phone available but I can’t get myself to drop the money on it. Still. And I hate an ugly phone. It’s the phact that Apple drives slaves in China building this crap for pennies on the dollar, then brings it here and charges me 600+ (refurbished units go for about 450).

    Something wrong with that.

    I’ll wait for Android phones to be released next quarter and see what I can find.

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