Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool” Release Date Pushed Back


To December 18th.

I’m still betting on a 2008 release for this. “Food & Liquor” was pushed back multiple times even before the leak so i’m expecting the same fate for “The Cool”. This does suck considering there’s only a few Hip Hop albums this year that has me excited to go out and purchase on release day. This is now the second time this album has been pushed back. It was originally slated for a October 31st release but was pushed back to November and now it looks like it will be close to Christmas before we get Lu’s sophomore record. Oh well, just give me a few Kanye and Pharrell produced tracks, release them as singles and i’ll forget all about these delays.

FNF up all day.


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2 Responses to “Lupe Fiasco’s “The Cool” Release Date Pushed Back”

  1. Beanpaste Says:

    Dumb It Down is my theme.

  2. Jero Says:

    Werd, “Gold Watch” is mine.

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