Rebuild Of Evangelion

Rebuild Of Evangelion

Let it be known that Neon Genesis Evangelion is my favorite anime series of all time. I am of the camp that feels that it is something that should never be touched again, never be tampered with, never be continued and absolutely never be remade. So when I heard that it was being “re-imagined”(which is another way of saying “remade”) with the title “Rebuild of Evangelion”, I was fucking steaming. Like steam coming out of both ears just like in the cartoons STEAMING. When I saw that it was being put out by Gainax, it eased the blow a bit. When I found out that Hideaki Anno was involved in it as well and was actually the one spearheading it, that made me accept it. When I finally saw the trailer for it, I completely changed my mind on the whole thing and now am totally on board. I went from trying to sabotage the band wagon, to demand on being the one driving it.


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