Sick And Tired

You know what i’m sick and tired of?


Talk Boxes and Auto Tune.

Shout outs to Zapp. Rest in peace Roger Troutman.


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6 Responses to “Sick And Tired”

  1. blah Says:

    i think it is auto tune. not vocoder. vocoder is what they use for robot voice.

  2. standing8 Says:

    Yeah, that’s what i’m talking about. Vocoders. I don’t even know what auto tune is, what is it exactly?

  3. T Says:

    auto tune? you can hear it used excessively on that Cher song a while back

  4. Franko Says:

    NO! IT IS NOT AUTOTUNE!!! The author had it right with vocoders.
    Grow a brain people! Do really think these artists who use state of the art studios are gonna use some cheap ass software like autotune which everybody has? All autotune does is give that pitch correcting effect, it does not give the slightly robotic sound that T-pain and others use.
    They may use autotune somewhere along in the fx chain but it definitely is not solely responsible for that sound.
    I’ve grown to realise that people like to namedrop autotune, so it sounds like they actually know something about the recording process, when they actually know very little.

  5. Jero Says:

    I love how people that aren’t very good at singing(especially rappers, yes I’m looking at you Weezy) will use this tactic to mask how shitty they sound. Fuck if I had a vocoder tube in my mouth, I’d sound amazing too.

  6. Jero Says:

    It is Auto Tune, my mistake.

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