Supernatural Is King

…of the art of freestyling.

I don’t think anyone comes close. At one point I thought Juice(who destroyed Eminem in a battle) from Chicago was the best freestyle emcee…then I heard the Wake Up Show Anniversary where he was methodically dismembered lyrically by Supernatural. I love it when Nat takes three words from the audience and proceeds to use them in a rhyme, or when he rhymes about objects in the room, or impersonates other rappers, all the way down to their voice and flow, all the while freestyling. It’s amazing how fast one persons mind can work.

The bad thing is that as unbelievable as his freestyles are, his albums seem to create no buzz or any type of fanfare. That seems to be a stigma especially with Nat and some freestlyle emcees. When it comes to freestylers and written lyrics, people just don’t care to hear it. That’s Nats claim to fame after all, that’s what he’s famous for and his main draw. Not his written down rhymes or how well he constructs a verse or a song but the lyrics he thinks of on the fly, on the spot, in the moment. I think that’s the main reason why he doesn’t sell as much as I feel he should. However, it is tough for me to argue If you ask me what i’d rather listen to: Supernat written? Or Supernat off the top? It’s gonna be off the top every time.


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