Nike SB Dunk: 720

It’s been a long time since i’ve been interested in getting a new pair of Nike SB’s. None of the ones that have come out as of late have hit me with that: “Holy shit! I’m getting those even if I have to cut out and sell my vital organs on the black market.” kinda feeling. The last ones I wanted were the Wiegers and the last ones that I actually bought were the Tiffanys. These 720’s are based on the old school arcade game and they are looking very fresh. I’m feeling the color scheme. I’m still on the fence whether or not to get these or just spend the money towards a pair of Supeme Blazers. We’ll have to wait and see. Damn, it’s been awhile since i’ve lined up for sneakers.



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2 Responses to “Nike SB Dunk: 720”

  1. Retro Sneakers Says:

    I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

  2. standing8 Says:

    I agree. Nike’s athletic line has been stagnant. I’m not saying there hasn’t been any innovation but as far as looks and aesthetic goes, nothing has been catching my eye. The last “new” shoe I bought from Nike was the Air Max 2003’s, and I didn’t even really like those.

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