Somebody’s Watching Me

You know since Michael Jackson is singing the chorus for this song, he should be the one “watching” Rockwell. Like all of the other parts besides Rockwells would be played by Mike(dude in the cemetery, the mailman etc.). Instead of this house, it could take place at Neverland Ranch. Mike could be resting Dracula style in his hyperbolic chamber. Instead of the dog, it could be like Bubbles the Chimp chasing him from room to room. Using CGI you could have the Elephant Man’s bones come to life or something. And slowly as the song goes on, Rockwell mysteriously gets younger and younger until the very end where he turns into a 10 year old boy and The King of Pop has his way with him. That’s it, I got the treatment, give me a chance and I could remake this video and turn it from scary to terrifying!

Happy Halloween!


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