Self Destruction/We’re All In The Same Gang

They don’t do things like this anymore. When I was a kid, I use to bug out when these videos came on. It was so cool to watch all of my favorite rappers rhyming together on the same track. I mean it was like all star night, showcasing the eastern and western conferences and all of the heavy hitters each side had. But instead of battling each other, they were both battling black on black violence!

Nowadays with all the diss songs, beefing, shit talking and record release battling that goes on. It’s refreshing to see a time when rappers came together and actually thought about their fellow man and how the positive message of their raps were much more important than “ghost riding the whip” and “making it rain”.

Side Notes:

  • I love how the camera zooms in on Kool Moe Dee when he starts rapping, it’s just hilarious.
  • Hi-Top Fades galore in the Self Destruction video.
  • The only time you’d ever see MC Hammer in the same video with the likes of King Tee, Eazy-E, Ren, Dre and Ice-T.
  • Those dudes doing the Running Man while Def Jef does his verse crack me up.
  • Young MC is in both videos.

“Self Destruction” by The Stop The Violence All-Stars:

“We’re All In The Same Gang” by The West Coast All-Stars:



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