Pharrell Can’t Skate, Neither Can Lupe and Fujiwara Can’t Ride Fixed

Inaccurate statements on shirts:

Skateboard P Can’t Skate

Lupe Can’t Either

Hiroshi Can’t Ride Fixed


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10 Responses to “Pharrell Can’t Skate, Neither Can Lupe and Fujiwara Can’t Ride Fixed”

  1. jon Says:

    i, myself, witnessed Lupe land a kick flip while rapping the other night on stage … That’s more than most can do.

  2. Jero Says:

    Yeah he skates all over the “Change” video with Joy Denalane. He has some skill.

  3. Lee Says:

    Never once did Lupe say he was a PROFESSIONAL skater…and I havent heard Pharell claim it either. Lupe said it was something he did as a kid for fun so why the shirts? …He can skate but he hasnt said he’s a professional so whats the big deal?

  4. Jero Says:

    I’m most angry at the Fujiwara shirt. That one is the MOST inaccurate statement of them all. People need to get more up in arms about that one.

  5. antmo of h.c.s and bbc Says:

    man fuck this whole conversation because some ppl dont know is that pharrell , lupe , and kanye are in the same r&b group called crs
    and if u dont believe me go to youtube and type in us placers by crs and there video will come up
    but pharrell can skate
    lupe is ard
    tk is nice
    and antmo of h.c.s and bbc iz nice lol

  6. Sgt. Mars Tellall Says:

    I think this shit is hilarious. I think the lesson is…”If you follow where the wind blows you, don’t be surprised when you fall”. I, because of the whole skateboard moniker and just the whole “air” around Pharrell’s public persona that he was a “straight-up rider”. I mean who wouldn’t right? Whether or not he meant to sway the public, create a facade or just straight up front I think it’s understood now that the dude doesn’t quite meet the criteria of a “skater”.

    With that being said, if you’re somebody like me who’s from somewhere where black skaters in the late 90’s early 2000’s was considered outta pocket…Then I see how he could got that name from some of the people around that neighborhood. Although, I think it was self-created. TAKE HEED: Be yourself, don’t be fakin jax and you’ll never have to worry. Bung. Mars da Fif.

  7. Jero Says:

    “Be yourself, don’t be fakin jax and you’ll never have to worry.”

    Words to live by.

  8. LupeCanYESHECAN Says:

    Racist, just because they’re black rappers people want to believe that they cant’ really skate. It racism, see how skateboarding wants absolutely nothing to do with rap, just like Ethiopians want nothing to do with African-Americans?

  9. Trinty Says:

    everyone needs to stop hatin! fuck those shirts! Lupes the shit! I agree with a previous statement! they never claimed to be professional!!! so sgt mars shut yo mouth! and stop drinkin haterade!!!!! biotch!

  10. Jero Says:

    I want “Jero Can’t Blog” on a shirt.

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