Japanese Street Wear Catalogs

I was in San Francisco this past week at the Kinokuniya Bookstore in Japantown, which is arguably my favorite place in all of Frisco. It’s between this or the On The Bridge restaurant around the corner from Kinokuniya. Picked up some catalogs while over there. I actually refrained from draining my wallet this time around which is surprising considering they had more catalogs then normal. My bank account thanked me. It won’t like me so much when/if I go to Japan though. Things I didn’t pick up were the Fall/Winter Bape Kids catalog, Street Jack 2007 #10 and #11, and a Head Porter catalog.

Kinokunia-1 11/07

Street Jack 07 12

This issue of Street Jack came with an Atmos tote bag. I’ll never use it.

Honeyee Mag #2

Issue #2 of Honeyee Mag is my favorite of the bunch. I still need to pick up issue #1.

A Bathing Ape Catalog Fall/Winter 07

The Bape catalog came with with a pencil pouch and three pencils. Again, things I will never use but will keep stricly for the novelty of it.


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