Sample Clearance: The Notorious B.I.G./Debarge



“Stay With Me” by Debarge:

“One More Chance”(Remix) by The Notorious B.I.G.:


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7 Responses to “Sample Clearance: The Notorious B.I.G./Debarge”

  1. sondan Says:

    Thanks for posting this Classic DeBarge Tune. You just gotta love it!

  2. standing8 Says:

    I know, I love Debarge period. So many great songs and funny enough “Stay With Me” isn’t one of my favorites of theirs. I like it more towards the end of the song but hate the way it starts out.

  3. dfreunion Says:

    Consider joining the Debarge Family reunion!

  4. standing8 Says:

    If I go, I hope to meet El and Chico!

  5. vibrant62 Says:

    I love DeBarge and I intend on going to the family reunion. Most people don’t know that their music has been sampled by a lot of artist that have had hits from it!! Keep DeBarge alive!!

  6. dfreunion Says:

    The Meet and Greet Luncheon is just for that. see you there!

  7. standing8 Says:

    vibrant62: Yeah they’ve been sampled many times by both hip hop and r&b acts.

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