Sample Clearance: Common/Bobby Caldwell

Bobby Caldwell

Comm Sense

“Open Your Eyes” by Bobby Caldwell:

“The Light” by Common:


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8 Responses to “Sample Clearance: Common/Bobby Caldwell”

  1. Dulari Says:

    this common song makes me so happy — it’s like what every woman wants her man to think of her. i know he’s out there somewhere … lol

  2. standing8 Says:

    Yeah when I heard it when it first came out, I thought to myself “girls are gonna love this song”. Actually my girlfriend at the time loved it so much it became our song. I wanted “So Into You” by Tamia but she won out in the end.

  3. Caitlin|PookaFace| Says:

    This is me and my ex-boyfriends song. I immediately think of him when I hear this. We discovered the original and he played it to wake me up one morning. It was so beautiful to wake up to the words “open your eyes/let me show you the light”. I definitely started crying it was so beautiful…I love that man still…

  4. Jero Says:

    I have many songs I love tied to former girlfriends. It’s kinda like a double edge sword, cause you love the song itself but it can sometimes lead back to bad memories when you hear them.

  5. Young'N Says:

    I love this song even though I was probably like 6 when this song came out… Its such a nice song…I wish I had a guy who I could share this song with…Oh well!

  6. Jero Says:

    Yeah, I like it better than “The Light” and I love that song. I wasn’t even a year old when this came out as I was born in 1980.

  7. Doc Gero Says:

    HAHAHAHA magnificent! Congratulations to both artists on this one. When I heard that voice sample on common’s song the first time it felt like a bright bluish light in the dark that goes directly to the heart, the warmth of pure love and tenderness.
    big up

  8. Jero Says:

    ^ Whoa those are some profound words man.

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