Nintendo DS Famicom Adapter

DS Famicom

Being able to play Japanese Famicom games on my DS would be the greatest thing to ever happen to the DS. Sure it triples the girth and weight of the portable gaming machine but being able to play Seiken Densetsu 3 where ever I want is so worth it. This Famicom adapter for the Nintendo DS has a TV out so you can play it straight on your TV which in essence makes it basically a full blown Famicom. It looks like from the picture that the adapter only fits the DS Lite model, which means I would have to upgrade from my older, larger first generation DS. I hope this thing gets good reviews and is not too expensive(I wouldn’t think it would be) and I hope I can buy it through Playasia or something. All I know is I want one. Comes out in Japan next month. Via DS Fanboy

For the record I think that the Super Famicom has THE BEST game library of any console.


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