“Do You”(Remix) by Ne-Yo Feat. Utada Hikaru

Definitely a Utada Hikaru fan, Ne-Yo…..not so much. He’s okay, i’ve definitely heard worse from contemporary R&B artists that are out nowadays. To say that this collaboration really took me by surprise would be the understatement of 2007. Nevertheless, it’s a very good song and I’m really liking this duet and i’d be lying if I said that Hikki’s* involvement wasn’t the main reason for that.

*Wow, i’m not even gonna begin to explain just how geeky me referring to Utada as “Hikki” is.



“Do You”(Remix) by Ne-Yo Feat. Utada Hikaru:


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3 Responses to ““Do You”(Remix) by Ne-Yo Feat. Utada Hikaru”

  1. deushabagus Says:

    lmao. I am a fan of both, but I gotta say, Neyo definitely sings better if you know even the slightest bit about music. Hikki’s vibrato is so screwed up it aint even funny and she cant curl her voice like most RnB singers out there. The song is cool and I like it but, she tried too hard to slur her chords when neyo wasnt even tryin cuz he knew she cant do that shit lol. They both good and the duet is nice, but u cant be dissin neyo like that he sings alot better than hikki.

  2. Jero Says:

    Yeah I cringe whenever she tries to hold and carry a note. Her level of singing is not up to par with the majority of singers out there but whatever. I still like her. I’m not too big on Ne Yo. I’m pretty much just indifferent when it comes to him. I don’t care either way. So I take a little pleasure in taking jabs at him even though he can sing circles around Hikki.

  3. Kinshaking Says:

    Waow! What a good song!
    I like both Utada Hikaru and Ne-yo and i think this is a really good duet!
    There should be more duet like this jap-usa.

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