Christmas Wish List 2007

Well, it’s December so I thought it would be cool to list my Holiday wish list for no other reason than to catalog what I might want to pick up for the holidays. If my bank account permits me that is. Oh and for the record, #1 on my list of things I want for Christmas is a plane ticket to Japan(and about $2000 spending money) so hopefully sometime next year. I’ll aim lower for now. Alright, so without further ado.

Wall And Piece

Wall And Piece by Banksy: I’ve wanted this for quite sometime. I almost picked it up a few weeks ago but didn’t due to me not having any money in my wallet. The infamous Banksy, my absolute favorite artist, street or otherwise. Probably the best collection of his work to date. Purchase here.


Understanding Power-The Indispensable Chomsky: I’ve really gotten into Chomsky this past year watching anything I can find of him on Youtube. I thought i’d start checking out some of his books starting with this. Purchase here.

The World According To Pretty Toney

The World According to Pretty Toney by Ghosface Killah: I haven’t read this book but I can tell by the description that this is a book to live by. I think of this as a self help book for all the shark-niggas(biters) and smart-dumb cats out there. Accompanied with the book is an companion audio CD of Ghost reading the material. That alone is worth the price of admission. Purchase here.

Sole Collector

Sole Collector Subscription: Mine just expired, so I need to renew. I find myself reading this magazine less and less. I guess i’m not as entrenched into sneakers as I once was. I still love sneakers and from time to time will drop a bunch of money on a pair, but the days of me buying shoes and keeping them in a box, never wearing them are long gone. I subscribe to this mainly as a reference of info. Great mag, amazing quality. Purchase here.


Wizard Magazine Subscription: Again, my subscription just expired and i’m in need of renewal. Purchase here.

When We Were Kings

When We Were Kings DVD: I can’t believe I don’t own this already. One of my favorite documentaries. About the mythical Rumble in the Jungle, one of the greatest boxing matches i’ve ever seen showcasing one of my favorite athletes of all time. Witness the greatness of Ali. Purchase here.

Gunbuster 2 Vol. 2

Gunbuster Vol. 2 DVD: Ugh. I wanna buy this but it’s just too expensive for a single DVD. I know it’s Gainax and when it’s Gainax I know the quality will be amazing but every time I go to Amazon and see the $30+ price tag, I can’t bring myself to do it. It’s only two episodes too! That’s like $16 per 20 or so minute episode! I just can’t do it! Purchase here.

3 Feet High


Low End

Beatles For Sale

“3 Feet High And Rising” and “Buhloone Mindstate” by De La Soul/“The Low End Theory” by ATCQ/”Beatles For Sale” by The Beatles: Been meaning to get these albums, I had “3 Feet” by De La on CD but tossed it a long time ago when I put it on itunes, which was before my hard drive crash. I’ve never heard “Buhloone Mindstate”, I had “Low End” on tape, never on CD and “Beatles For Sale” is the only Beatles album i’ve never heard or owned. Purchase these here.



Burlesque Moustache Bandanas: The word “Moustache Bandana” is self explanatory. Purchase here.

Lomo Camera

Lomo Camera: I had a Lomo once but it didn’t work, I bought it from this sketchy seller on eBay and I pretty much got what I paid for. So I hope to get one that works this time so I can get my cool guy artsy steez on. This item is way too pricey for me at this current point in time. Purchase here.


Nintendo Wii: Wow how surprising, considering how everyone and their great grandma wants one. The $250 price is probably my favorite thing about this. Cause when I think of how much a PS3 is gonna cost me, I literally cringe. And since I have absolutely no interest in ever getting a Xbox 360, the Wii looks to be the console to fulfill my next gen gaming needs, at least for the time being. Eventually i’m gonna have to pony up for a PS3, especially when the next Team Ico game comes out but I think I have awhile before that happens. Purchase where? I don’t even know a place that has one in stock. So your guess is as good as mine.

Feel free in the comments to list things you wouldn’t mind receiving this holiday season. I’m always down to add to my list.

In a totally unrelated note: RIP Pimp C


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