Banksy In Bethlehem

Banks strikes again in Bethlehem. Love the soldier checking the I.D. of the donkey and the little girl patting down militia.

Bank Bethlehem 1

Bank Bethlehem 2

Bank Dove

Bank Bethlehem 3

Bank Bethlehem 4

Bank Bethlehem 5


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4 Responses to “Banksy In Bethlehem”

  1. fahmeda Says:

    i think the pictures are really scary

  2. Jero Says:

    Banks is on the darker side but his art is so amazing. Everyones on the stenciling tip now and Banks is at the forefront. He’s not as dark as Neckface though. You should check his stuff out if you want to see dark creepy street art.

  3. Fitz Says:

    Banksy’s not dark, he just has a healthy amount of cynicism to produce good, English, political satire.

  4. Jero Says:

    Dark as compared to your typical run of the mill graffiti that we’re use to. Banksy’s art would better suit a futuristic dystopian city than say, Compton.

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