Fall of Rome(F.O.R.) Swagger x Lupe Fiasco

Here’s a few pics of the new line from Swagger x Lupe entitled Fall of Rome. Some pretty nice pieces here. The stadium jacket is dope but i’ve never been a stadium jacket kind of guy. The crewneck is pretty nice, and check out the accessories with a very Louis Vuitton-esque looking monogram print which Lupe designed himself. My favorite piece has to be the “Cado Love” dark raw denim jeans with the ill designs on the back pockets. Very nice indeed. If I happen by the online store, and it’s available online(which I doubt), and if they have my size still available(which is highly unlikely), i’d definitely consider picking up a pair…..if I have the money(which I don’t).

Check out the blog on choiceisyours.jp for more detailed info and a few more pics.

FOR Stadium Jacket2

FOR Crew

FOR Jeans2

FOR Accessories

-Child Rebel Soldier

Updated 12/13/07:

Sold out on choiceisyours. Catch a flight to Chicago and hit up St. Alfred or International flights to Amsterdam and Tokyo and try your luck at Patta and Swagger Flagship stores.


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4 Responses to “Fall of Rome(F.O.R.) Swagger x Lupe Fiasco”

  1. illastrate Says:

    Yo man, I just came up on your site through google. Does the kiks tyo website ship internationally to the U.S.? I wanted to get that fly Aki Mars tee. Most of those tees are so damn dope. Thanks.

  2. Jaguar Says:

    I like that logo and the name too.

  3. justin Deguzman Says:

    yooooo i need some joe ….
    where in da usa can i find F.o.R????

  4. Jero Says:

    If anyplace, St. Alfred might have had these when they released. Doesn’t matter anyway as that season is probably all sold out.

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