Aki Hoshino x Kiks Tyo AJ I

Hey look another Kiks/Aki post! Bet you weren’t expecting this. Love this shirt, it looks amazing and only comes second to the Aki Dunkle tee as far as my favorite looking Kiks/Aki tee. I want it but I didn’t get it because I have this weird thing about wearing a shirt with a shoe on it if I don’t own the actual shoe. I don’t own a Jordan I in that colorway(I sold my patent leather pair years ago) so I think it would look really funny wearing that shirt while NOT wearing that shoe. It’s not even a matching thing, I just think wearing this shirt with Neon Air Max 95’s(or ANY other shoe) would be a little too “Hey everyone! Look at me! I’m a sneaker collector! Weeeee!” for me.

Yeah my reasoning is totally ridiculous and geeky on many levels, but whatever though. Oh well, I had to blog it with the pics so at least I can gawk at the beauty that is Aki.

Aki AJ I

Aki AJ I 2


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6 Responses to “Aki Hoshino x Kiks Tyo AJ I”

  1. eccoboy Says:

    As I read your reasoning behind not buying this shirt I was nodding to myself with full understanding. I didn’t realize that this type of justification was odd until you pointed it out yourself.

  2. eccoboy Says:

    ….on a related note, I badly want that aki wings tee but I can never own it because I can’t buy the same shirt that someone I know already has.

  3. standing8 Says:

    I thought you’d like that reasoning. I have all kinds of weird rules like that. I’m not about to go that geeky on my blog just yet. I think we’ve discussed this before though.

  4. eccoboy Says:

    The real problem with these aki kiks shirts is that if you did wear one with matching shoes people would think “hey what’s with this tool wearing the same shoes that he has on his T-shirt trying to match all his gear!” But then if you don’t wear the same shoes they would think “hey what’s with this tool wearing a shirt with shoes on it that he doesn’t even own!” It’s a no-win situation.

  5. music Says:

    very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  6. Kelvin G Says:

    i dun mind wearing it… 😛

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