Sample Clearance: Junior M.A.F.I.A/Sylvia Striplin



“You Can’t Turn Me Away” by Sylvia Striplin:

“Get Money” by Junior M.A.F.I.A.:


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4 Responses to “Sample Clearance: Junior M.A.F.I.A/Sylvia Striplin”

  1. DaVid Says:

    Hey man, I just discovered this site while looking for good hip hop. Noticed that you’re into comics, video games, and hip hop! (and from that old sample clearance lupe post, i’m guessing you’re also pinoy). Geek + Street = 1337! Finally, somebody out there who gets me. Much appreciation and I’m gonna continue stoppin through! Lupe drops this Tuesday!

    Keep up!

  2. standing8 Says:

    Hey DaVid, glad you dig my site. Yeah i’m into all kinds of geekiness and yeah i’m Filipino. Apart of the reason why I made this blog was to see if anyone out there were into the same types of things, looks like there is. Anyway, I like your Xanga site, you don’t update it often I see. Anyway, peace man, and thanks.

    Oh and I got The Cool already, it’s fresh! Look out for “Gold Watch”, song is crazy.

  3. Jockmo Says:

    Was Sylvia singing or what! That was a hot track for any artist to use.

  4. Jero Says:

    Yeah this is one of the few times where I love both the original and new version equally.

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