Retro Games: Art of Fighting

AOF Title

Gamecrazy had some more Snes games out for sale and among the multiple copies of Madden, NBA Live and other generic sports games of the 16-bit era, I found a decent game in Art of Fighting. Now back in the day SNK made and published some awesome fighting games like Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, King of Monsters, World Heroes and my personal favorite, Samurai Showdown. Art of Fighting was the worst of the bunch. Why? Cause it’s so fucking tough!

Why is this game so hard? I have no idea, but this is quite possibly the hardest fighting game ever created. I can’t even get past the first stage! It doesn’t matter who my opponent is, they fight like it was M. Bison in Street Fighter II on Level 7 difficulty, but HARDER! Ugh. I think a long time ago I once made it to the second fighter and it was the happiest moment of my life. I think the arcade machine had a glitch or something cause normally the chances of me getting to the second fighter in Art of Fighting is like winning a progressive slot machine in Vegas. I bow to anyone who has mastered this game.

AOF Character Select


I can’t even throw a fireball in the game!


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3 Responses to “Retro Games: Art of Fighting”

  1. eccoboy Says:

    This game was no good. Very clunky and impossible control setup.

  2. Stewart Says:

    On your knees lowly dog….

    I can get to the end of this on 1 credit… on MVS setting… on a Neo Geo home console and in the arcades…. the secret with AoF is that you need to be a lot more precise with your moves and attacks than SF2. Hit all the angles on the fireaball and THEN hit the button after. Just after. It takes practice. ALSO all the characters have ‘cheat’ routines you can do to beat them. For example, if you Taunt the hell out of King and remove her Chi then she is simple to beat. The second character Jack is best beaten with non stop jump kicks, etc, etc…

    Good times….

  3. Jero Says:

    Wow that is impressive. It’s not often you come across a AoF expert. I bet there are only a few of you guys in this world that know AoF characters “cheat routines”. I still can’t get over the controls, it’s hard to put into words how unresponsive this game is.

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