The Coolest Bike: Black Lightning x Lupe

Via ctothejl

So I guess to commemorate Lupe’s release of The Cool, BMX company Black Lightning collaborated with him to make this, a what i’m guessing will be very limited(according to the article 4) BMX bike. Pretty dope looking with the black and the gold accents. I’ve been thinking about getting a fixed gear for sometime but I was also considering a BMX. I think this bike is rad but for one it will probably take a miracle to find one(if it isn’t released to the general public which i’m guessing it won’t) and secondly, if you DO manage to find one to get your hands on, it won’t be cheap. What would make more sense is if Lu collaborated with some company to release “Cool” related skateboards.

Is this corny though? I guess it would be cool depending how the album is perceived 10 years from now. For example it would be dope to have an official “Illmatic” bike because that album is considered a classic. Now if there was an official “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt Em” bike, having that nowadays wouldn’t be so cool.

Cool Bike 2

Cool Bike

You know what’s funny? I got hip through this from High Snobiety who got hipped to this through ctothejl who got hipped to this through Black Lighting’s blog. The blogosphere, lots of recycled info.


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2 Responses to “The Coolest Bike: Black Lightning x Lupe”

  1. DaVid Says:

    I disagree. Having a Hammer bike would be cool for nostalgia points. Like owning Dinosaucer lunchboxes. I’d even buy a collection of his old cartoons if they released them on DVD… well, maybe not. On the real though, say what you want about Hammer’s crap lyricism and selloutedness, but homey gave a lot back to his community in Oakland. And that’s cool in my book.

    “Hammer, Hammer I am. Hammer, Team put me in the mix.”
    – Hammer, “It’s Gettin Hot (Remix)”

  2. standing8 Says:

    I don’t have anything against Hammer, I love Hammer. “Let’s Get It Started” was the jam, I couldn’t count how many hours I spent practicing The Running Man to that song. I was speaking in general terms. Having something like that wouldn’t be so cool cause of how he’s perceived nowadays. I don’t ever criticize his music, I criticize his money spending habits though. He blew alot of dough.

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