Let It Snow

It was really surprising to see Brian Mcknight in this video. When I first saw this back in the day, I was like “Brian Mcknight joined Boyz II Men?! I mean he got no billing in the title…he must have joined!” Turns out he just produced and wrote the song, which makes total sense when you listen to it. You can kinda tell a Brian Mcknight song if you really, really try. Actually it’s more like when you find out afterwards, you go “yeah, that DOES sound like him.” His songs are not as easy to pick out like say a Babyface song but he definitely has a writing style and sound to his songs.

I particularly like Boyz II Men in their matching Christmas sweaters and when Shawn Stockman gets beat at Chess. The only thing missing from this song is a breakdown of Michael “Bass” McCary talking all slow and sexy in his low ass voice. Like “Baby…put down that egg nog…and let’s get busy by the fire.” or “Baby…I got mistletoe hanging from my belt buckle.” or something to that effect. Oh and it would be nice to see Michael Bivins sitting on the toilet reading the paper like he did in the “Motown Philly” video, but this time wearing a Santa hat. But I guess that wouldn’t be in the Christmas spirit.

Happy Holidays folks!

Did you know that Boyz II Men had a fifth member named Marc Nelson? He left before Boyz II Men released their first album to pursue a solo career. Good decision there buddy. Marc Nelson went on to start up the group Az Yet but they pretty much sucked. Their song “Last Night” was horrible, I’m surprised how that song had any sort of popularity. Yeah they had a hit in “Hard To Say I’m Sorry”, but that was a cover of an incredibly well known Chicago(shout out to Peter Cetera) song.


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One Response to “Let It Snow”

  1. Dulari Says:

    lmao. i love boyz II men. they did this whole boyz II men set on vh1soul yesterday and i was glued to the TV for about an hour.

    baby, leave the turkey alone, it’s time for christmas loooovin’.

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