Juice vs. Supernatural


I went into this heavily favoring Juice. I owned a few Wake Up Show Freestyle CD’s before buying this one and through listening to them, Juice became my favorite freestyle emcee. I didn’t think anyone could touch him. I had no prior knowledge of who Supernatural was, never seen him or heard him spit a line, nothing. I was in for a total shock. I remember my friend came down from Japan to visit and I had just bought this and we listened while riding around in the car. I distinctly remember us hearing Supernat proceed to dismember Juice with the craziest lines and us hollering in amazement stopped at a red light. “Oh shit! He just said ‘Fuck that shit, Supernatural’s your idol…’, how ill was that?!” We had to rewind certain parts several times.

In hindsight, now that I listen to it again, it wasn’t as lopsided as I had once thought. Juice really held his own and responded well with each comeback but it simply wasn’t enough on this particular night. When Nat summoned Biggie from the grave, it was over for Juice at that point.

Juice vs. Supernatural(Wake Up Show 9th Anniversary):

Sorry for the slightly shortened, edited version of the battle. If you want, just head over to the official Wake Up Show page for the real deal.


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