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Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino x Yone

January 31, 2008

Famous Japanese photographer Yasumasa Yonehara has collaborated with Kiks Tyo and Aki Hoshino for six limited edition “Sneaker Lover” photo print shirts. These prints are taken from the photo book of the same name. The first two tees, “In The Closet” and “Bathtub” are available now for pre order.

Aki Yone

Aki Yone Bath

These two tees are pretty nice, nothing I absolutely need to have but the thing that piques my interest is that once you purchase one of these your name is automatically added to a drawing to receive a new Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino Kubrick(Blue Version) limited to 300 pieces.

Aki Kubrick

Four more shirts are coming from this collab, so I’m hoping the Pink Version will get raffled off when they become available.

Aki Kubrick Pink


Glow In The Dark Tour

January 30, 2008

Glow In The Dark

I really don’t have to blog this considering it’s already on Kanye’s, BBC and CRS blogs but I wouldn’t feel right if I didn’t. This tour is bringing together arguably my top 3 favorite artists at the moment. When it comes to fashion and hype beast/street wear culture, Kanye, Pharrell and Lupe are THE trend setters, taste makers and style connoisseurs in hip hop today. This tour also leads me to believe that the Child Rebel Soldier album just might come out this year. Reason being, this seems to be a rare opportunity for these three to be together for a substantial amount of time to come up with concepts and flesh out ideas for the album. Maybe some of it will be recorded during this tour. Who knows?

How dope will it be when native sons Kanye and Lupe perform “Touch The Sky” in Chicago? Or when Pharrell and Ye break into “#1”? Or when N.E.R.D. plays “Maybe” and near the end Lupe springs out from the back and breaks into “And He Gets The Girl”, then straight into “I Gotcha”. Then just imagine how absolutely shut down the place will get when they all do “Us Placers”. And don’t think that they won’t have at least one new CRS song ready for the tour to whet our appetites for what’s to come when the album drops. Man, this tour should definitely be something else. The only gripe I have is Rhianna. Does she really need to be on this tour? Ugh.

So who’s going?

Let’s Take It Back: A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays

January 29, 2008

I get really happy when I hear this. Very much reminds me of summertime. You simply can’t go wrong with Prince Paul and De La Soul. My favorite song off of my favorite De La Soul album(De La Soul Is Dead). How many hip hop videos do you know have everyone on rollerskates? Oh and peep Posdnous on that scooter. Vinia Mojica looks and sounds amazing on this. Nice cameos by Q-Tip and Charlie Brown. Native Tongues all day.

Truth & Soul x Rostarr

January 28, 2008

The artist Romon Kimin Yang aka Rostarr has some fresh new shirts in collaboration with Truth & Soul. I love the design and colors on this, especially on black. The new line of shirts are limited to 100 pieces so grab them before they’re gone. Rostarr who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York does many art exhibits across the globe and also designed Lupe Fiasco’s logo on Food & Liquor. Peep the other shirts here at the Lab.



Everybody Nose

January 26, 2008

New N.E.R.D. track which may or may not make the cut on their upcoming album N.3.R.D.(Spring 08′). This particular song N.E.R.D. collaborated with none other than Timberland. Now I pride myself being able to easily spot a Neptunes or Timbo beat when I hear one but the production on this song sounds nothing like a typical Neptunes or Timbo track. It has no traces of either producers signature sound. It seems to be this weird concoction is the bastard child of their two styles coming together. The cool thing about N.E.R.D. is that The Neptunes totally shift gears production wise. It’s like they go into a totally different space cause their N.E.R.D. “sound”, sounds NOTHING like the beats they produce for other rappers or R&B artists. I’m looking forward to the album. Head over to the BBC Blog(dope blog btw) for more updates.

“Everyone Nose” by N.E.R.D.:



Air Jordan XXIII

January 25, 2008


I’ve lined up in the wee hours of the morning for about every Air Jordan for one colorway or another. Some I got, some I didn’t. Now, I think I’m at a point in my life where I’ve gone past the point of caring when new Jordans come out anymore. Ever since VIII(with the exception of XI), it’s been a slow, long decline of freshness as far as I’m concerned. There were some great ones between VII and the present. X were nice, XII and XIII were cool. XV and XVII were pretty dope, but nothing ever came close to the once in a lifetime run of III, IV, V and VI.

Now the latest and rumored last shoe, the 23rd in the Air Jordan line is coming out tomorrow to much fanfare. Now I love the fact that this shoe is “considered” and the most eco friendly Jordan shoe in history but to be frank, I just don’t like the design of it. It just doesn’t look appealing to me at all, it looks like an And 1 shoe. I guess my expectations were set too high. I mean it’s gonna be Tinker doing what he does best, gonna take it back to the essence he will! But alas, the pictures made my jaw drop in disappointment. They kinda remind me of the XVI that had that horrible flap. No flap this time around but they have this awful woven looking thing going on. Like an all over print stitching on the upper or something, I don’t know. No good. One colorway even makes it look like DNA code. Is that MJ’s signature on the very front of the toe piece? Ugh, horrible. I don’t know what’s worse, these or the frankenstein Spiz’ikes which take every Jordan and cram em all into one shoe. The second I saw these, I just shook my head thinking these guys have exhausted all the ideas they had and this is what it’s come to.

Unless it’s a IV or V, don’t wake me up.

Head over to SC Forums for more specifics.

I Want Those Flashing Lights

January 24, 2008

Kanye posted this video of Colin Munroe the other day on his blog. I have never heard of him prior to this, I have no idea if his music is played on the radio or MTV so forgive me if I’m showing up late to the party. I checked out his Myspace page and listened to some of the songs he has on there and I have to say, I was really impressed. All of the songs I listened to were very enjoyable(I especially like “World of Pain”). You wouldn’t expect from listening to his music that surprisingly one of his biggest influences is the late great, legendary hip hop producer J Dilla. What’s even more amazing is that he wrote, produced and performed every song on his debut album and that always scores major points with me. He has recently hooked up with Dallas Austin and his record company to distribute his upcoming debut album, Don’t Think Less of Me stateside. This unofficial remix of “Flashing Lights” should definitely help him get some buzz.

Souled Out Sunday: If It Isn’t Love

January 20, 2008

Random Thoughts on New Edition:

1. Bobby leaving the group was a good thing.
2. The members of New Edition had the most successful post boy band careers in the history of boy bands. That is if you want to call them a boy band, I prefer R&B group but then that would mean I would have to label New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys R&B groups and I just feel weird doing that.
3. When I was younger, my friends and I learned the entire “If It Isn’t Love” dance routine by watching an old concert video.
4. We weren’t very good.
5. Can you stand the rain?
6. The part in the song where Ralph goes “I really love her!”, it’s impossible for me not to follow up and sing out loud: “Love her?! What?!”
7. Ronnie Devoe looks like he came from a distant galaxy and came to our planet on a space ship.
8. For some odd reason I thought that Keith Sweat was in New Edition for a little while.
9. Bobby or Johnny?
10. I still listen to New Edition’s Greatest Hits quite frequently.

Listen Compute Rock

January 19, 2008

The site formerly known as Asisphonics is now Listen Compute Rock. The site boasts a new blog format with news, audio and video. They got a ton of cool shit to check out: Gunkhole videos, Dilla Instrumentals, Operation Unknown mixes for your listening pleasure(especially the Ruckazoid Megamixx which was featured on XM’s Pitch Control), as well as Vestax Controller One purchasing info. What has me most excited for is the RRRRAP album to finally be released, AND on CD. Been waiting for this one for years. I’ve been visiting Asis for a long time and it’s nice to see a change in theme. Different look, same freshness.



January 18, 2008

Boyz II Men

Arguably my favorite song of Boyz II Men, written and produced by Brian Mcknight. To my knowledge, this was never released in America on a formal album, maybe it was on a Greatest Hits compilation but I’m too lazy to check. It was released in the UK as the very last track on the album II. I was forced to buy the cassette single of their horrible song “Thank You” to get it on the B-side. Side note: There’s nothing shittier than owning an album and being forced to buy a single from that album for a song you hate. It was worth it for “Fallin” though, even if that meant having two copies of “Thank You” in my music collection. It’s a shame it didn’t make the American version cause it would’ve been a much better single to have released than “Water Runs Dry” in my opinion.

How big was Boyz II Men during this time, that they had an album that had writing and production credits from Babyface, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Brian Mcknight?! Motown put up some serious money for this album. It was a smart move cause it paid off hand over fist as it went on to top Billboards 100, touched milestones that only Elvis and The Beatles have reached and sold about a jillion records. Too bad the group became typecast for strictly slow songs. Not unlike Jodeci, after having a string of really successful slow jams whenever they did a uptempo song, people didn’t want to hear it. They wanted “I’ll Make Love To You Pt.2: I’ll Make Love To You Again”. Which is funny considering the song that first put them on the map was “Motown Philly”. Big shout to Dallas Austin.

“Fallin” by Boyz II Men: