The Standing Eight(Jan’ 08)

The Standing 8:

8. Macworld 2008
7. Too Beautiful To Lie on VCD
6. Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 2 on DVD
5. “The Eraser” by Thom Yorke
4. Sim City on the SNES
3. Chipotle Burritos
2. Back issues of Gamefan on eBay
1. “ぼくはくま” by 宇多田ヒカル


Top 8 horrible names to name a baby:

8. Jeeves: Guess what he will grow up to be? *cough* butler *cough*
7. Lucious: Cause it isn’t the 17th century.
6. Richard: Cause people will call him “dick” when he grows up.
5. Dick.
4. Aloicious: I doubt I will EVER in my lifetime meet someone named “Aloicious” and if I did i’d have to make him my best friend. Why? Cause how many people do you know that can say the phrase “yeah, me and Aloicious are cool like that.”
3. Any name that rhymes with the kids’ last name.
2. Lando: Unless your familys last name happens to be “Calrissian”, dont name your kid Lando.
1. Gaylord: I dont even have to elaborate.


A hall of fame pitcher, fame and more money then I will ever dream to have and I STILL wouldn’t trade lives with Mr. Perry. It’s like getting dissed every time someone says your name.


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