Sweet Yet Deadly

I haven’t been excited for a martial arts film in quite some time, SPL blew me away but that was a total surprise. I’m really anticipating the release of Chocolate, the latest movie by Prachya Pinkaew which introduces the world to Nicharee “Jeeja” Vismistananda, or the female Tony Jaa as many are calling her. It’s about an autistic girl who collects debts to save money to help her sick mother. Even though the premise sounds okay, I’m not expecting the story to wow me. If you’ve seen Ong Bak, Born To Fight or Tom Yum Goong, quality of story has yet to catch up with quality of action in Thai films in my opinion. But to be honest, I don’t care if this movie has a story at all, cause judging from the trailer the fight scenes alone are gonna be worth the price of admission.

Apparently “Jeeja” has been training with Tony Jaa’s fight choreographer, Panna Rittikrai for years specifically for this very role. Looks to me those years of tutelage have more than paid off. This girl is simply amazing. I can’t wait to see this. If you want more info on this, head over to Twitch.



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6 Responses to “Sweet Yet Deadly”

  1. DaVid Says:

    Those behind the scenes blotches were brutal. Anyway, Ong Bak and The Protector are the only Asian martial arts films making waves here. Why isn’t Tony Jaa a star here yet?

  2. DaVid Says:

    Oh yeah, btw, going to the Lupe concert at the Fillmore tomorrow night.

  3. Jero Says:

    I think Tony Jaa needs to learn English first before he has any sort of chance of crossing over. Jet and Jackie speak it so does Donnie Yen and Donnie has never crossed over. Which is a travesty cause I think Donnie Yen is better than Jet Li is every aspect. Tony Jaa is amazing though and it was his movies that inspired Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung to do SPL which is one of the best martial arts movies i’ve seen in a long time.

    Yeah I thought about going to that Lu concert but I have to work. Take pics and review it on your blog. Peace.

  4. am Says:

    donnie yen speaks english because he’s originally from boston. tony jaa IS an international star, in martial arts circles and action film-lovers most especially. they just need to give him more lines, in thai or english.

  5. Jero Says:

    As far as action/martial arts film connoisseurs are concerned, absolutely Jaa is a star. But Tony Jaa is far from a household name like a Jet Li or Jackie Chan, unfortunately.

  6. eccoboy Says:

    I’m feelin it. But I’ll only watch it if the main character fights a large white man on ‘roids with no acting ability whatsoever and looks like he was ripped straight from a SFII game.

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