Macworld Expo 2008 Banner

Macworld Banner

Appleinsider posted several pics of the banner and slogan of this years Macworld Expo. I always get excited and extra geeked out this time of year. Anticipating what Apple is gonna do is always a crap shoot since they are the best at keeping new stuff hush hush but the fun is all of the Mac fanatics speculating and fueling the rumor mill of what we might or might not see. I doubt anything this year will be as world-attention-getting as last years iPhone announcement, but I have a feeling we will get something big.

I’ve been trying to figure out what “There’s something in the air” exactly means. Maybe it’s a hint that the new version of iPhone will in fact be 3G? New Airport Extreme?(Probably not) Maybe Apple is announcing that they plan on monetarily helping Google(like they need it) in obtaining the 700 Megahertz spectrum and have some wireless things in the works? Who knows? All I know is the tech tradeshow season begins and ends here at Macworld Expo. CES was just a little appetizer for tech heads, and regardless if people in the tech industry are Mac users or fans, they can’t deny that Macworld is the main course. All eyes will be on Apple on the 15th, with Steve Job’s Keynote at center stage. I can’t wait.


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