Macworld Expo 2008 Recap

Time Capsule: An Airport Extreme with either a 500 GB hard drive for $299 or 1 TB for $499. I can’t believe I called this! Apple is stressing backing up wirelessly with Time Machine and I think it’s a good idea to incorporate it with the Airport Base Station. It would be nice to have a hefty terabyte available for Time Machine backup and it would look a whole lot slicker than my nasty ass Linksys router with it’s ugly protruding antennas.

New iPhone Features: New iPhone software available released for download. Now Google Maps has locate where you are using triangulation. Also the iPhone has webclips(up to 9) which are bookmarks you can add to your home page of sites you visit. You can send to multiple contacts using SMS texting which should have been available from the start. You can also rearrange icons and move them around to your liking. Which I like because I like customization. Oh and SDK will be released in February.

iTunes Rentals: Very cool. All movie studios are on board, over 1000 movies currently available. 30 days to start watching, 24 hours to complete once started. Pricing is $2.99, new releases $3.99 and $4.99 for HD movies. Having HD movies available is a huge deal.

iTV: This is very impressive. If I had a nice setup I’d love to have one of these. Play music, watch movies, video podcasts, Youtube videos, view photos through Flickr and now with iTunes rentals with HD titles? Wow. All this now at a cheaper price point($229) I hope this does well. The only thing missing is DVR capabilities.

Macbook Air: I want one. I love my slick black Macbook, but the Macbook Air makes my Macbook look so clunky and gigantic now. The thinnest laptop ever. The price is pretty crazy though with the cheapest version priced at $1800 and the next version at $3000. Ouch.


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