Zoo York x Ghostface

Zoo York is a very cool brand but sometimes I feel the clothing line might be heading in the direction of being sold at Macys and Nordstrom and having every kid in middle school wearing Zoo York gear while running the mile during gym class. It’s a term I like to call “Ecko’ed”. Nice promotion for Big Doe Rehab that has Zoo York, Ghost and Def Jam combining forces. The shirt displays the various aliases used by Ghost over the years. The board also looks very dope, makes you think twice about skating with it. Limited to 500 pieces.

Ghost York


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5 Responses to “Zoo York x Ghostface”

  1. eccoboy Says:

    Sorry pal but Zoo York was “eckoed” years ago. Like, 6 or 7 years ago. Remember my old orange and white tshirt? One word: Ross. I don’t care, I still wear Zoo York clothes. I wonder if there skate videos are any good these days….?

  2. Jero Says:

    I don’t consider them Ecko’d until they are sold at JC Pennys next to where they sell South Pole. I’ve never seen ZY sold outside of skate shops. And Ross sells lots of things, you can find old WU Wear shirts there. It’s like a nexus for all kinds of clothes from different eras and places. Total randomness.

  3. eccoboy Says:

    Maybe if a brand makes it to the East Bay catalog than it’s already ecko’d. This happens just before the JC Pennys phase.

  4. TDoggie Says:

    Sorry but here in the DC area, Zoo York is sold in Macy’s. I know…I know..it hurts but its true. I once loved the ZY too, but its gone the way of Rocawear. We’ll miss ya.

  5. Jero Says:

    That’s too bad. I guess it isn’t too surprising.

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