Boyz II Men

Arguably my favorite song of Boyz II Men, written and produced by Brian Mcknight. To my knowledge, this was never released in America on a formal album, maybe it was on a Greatest Hits compilation but I’m too lazy to check. It was released in the UK as the very last track on the album II. I was forced to buy the cassette single of their horrible song “Thank You” to get it on the B-side. Side note: There’s nothing shittier than owning an album and being forced to buy a single from that album for a song you hate. It was worth it for “Fallin” though, even if that meant having two copies of “Thank You” in my music collection. It’s a shame it didn’t make the American version cause it would’ve been a much better single to have released than “Water Runs Dry” in my opinion.

How big was Boyz II Men during this time, that they had an album that had writing and production credits from Babyface, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Brian Mcknight?! Motown put up some serious money for this album. It was a smart move cause it paid off hand over fist as it went on to top Billboards 100, touched milestones that only Elvis and The Beatles have reached and sold about a jillion records. Too bad the group became typecast for strictly slow songs. Not unlike Jodeci, after having a string of really successful slow jams whenever they did a uptempo song, people didn’t want to hear it. They wanted “I’ll Make Love To You Pt.2: I’ll Make Love To You Again”. Which is funny considering the song that first put them on the map was “Motown Philly”. Big shout to Dallas Austin.

“Fallin” by Boyz II Men:


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4 Responses to “Fallin’”

  1. DaVid Says:

    What’s wrong with “Thank You”? The harmonies on it were pretty sweet, and it sounds like something a group would be doing at a street corner to get attention and get a crowd moving. Not to mention the subject matter was a nice tribute to friends/family.

    Maybe I’m biased cuz me and my friends performed it before. Just wondering where the hate comes from.

  2. eccoboy Says:

    The Boyz are coming to your area soon…you and G.O. should go and get your early 90s groove on.

  3. Jero Says:

    DaVid: I just don’t like it. I don’t even really hate it so much…it’s more like I’m indifferent about it. It just never struck a chord with me.

    ecco: G.O. will definitely be there. Boyz II Men are primarily a “slow song” group and going with one of your guy friends to it would be…weird. I’d buy you a ticket though just so I can see how you would react to all the soul and smooth grooves.

  4. DaVid Says:

    Wait… Boyz II Men is coming? Hells yeah, my girlfriend promised to pay for tickets next time they came through!!!

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