Souled Out Sunday: If It Isn’t Love

Random Thoughts on New Edition:

1. Bobby leaving the group was a good thing.
2. The members of New Edition had the most successful post boy band careers in the history of boy bands. That is if you want to call them a boy band, I prefer R&B group but then that would mean I would have to label New Kids on the Block and The Backstreet Boys R&B groups and I just feel weird doing that.
3. When I was younger, my friends and I learned the entire “If It Isn’t Love” dance routine by watching an old concert video.
4. We weren’t very good.
5. Can you stand the rain?
6. The part in the song where Ralph goes “I really love her!”, it’s impossible for me not to follow up and sing out loud: “Love her?! What?!”
7. Ronnie Devoe looks like he came from a distant galaxy and came to our planet on a space ship.
8. For some odd reason I thought that Keith Sweat was in New Edition for a little while.
9. Bobby or Johnny?
10. I still listen to New Edition’s Greatest Hits quite frequently.


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4 Responses to “Souled Out Sunday: If It Isn’t Love”

  1. DaVid Says:

    Johnny… EVERY TIME. Although Bobby was the original and Johnny Gill was just kinda placed in the group cuz the label wanted to put him somewhere. It’s like having a crew and then your mom tells you Jimmy’s gotta join cuz his mom asked. Except Jimmy owns a PS3 that you couldn’t afford, so it’s cool.

    NKOTB and those boy bands actually owe New Edition everything. Labels found out New Edition kicked ass and put together these white versions of those bands to please the teenies.

  2. Jero Says:

    Yup, the prototype for the contemporary boy band. Some people will say The Jackson 5 but Tito had a guitar. I prefer NE with Johnny as well but I like Bobby too, “Don’t Be Cruel” is one of my favorite R&B albums of all time.

  3. Ghetto D Says:

    New Edition all day. Heartbreak is one of my favorite albums. I remember Trying the dance moves we alwats put the guy who couldn’t dance as Ralph. Johnny was better for the group than Bobby. With Johnny in the group to me they went from a boy band to a R&B group.
    Word on that Ronnie shit he does looks like E.T.’s second cousin, but Ricky Bell always freak me out a little bit too.

  4. Jero Says:

    Yeah, Ricky took second place as far as most odd looking member went.

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