Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino x Yone

Famous Japanese photographer Yasumasa Yonehara has collaborated with Kiks Tyo and Aki Hoshino for six limited edition “Sneaker Lover” photo print shirts. These prints are taken from the photo book of the same name. The first two tees, “In The Closet” and “Bathtub” are available now for pre order.

Aki Yone

Aki Yone Bath

These two tees are pretty nice, nothing I absolutely need to have but the thing that piques my interest is that once you purchase one of these your name is automatically added to a drawing to receive a new Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino Kubrick(Blue Version) limited to 300 pieces.

Aki Kubrick

Four more shirts are coming from this collab, so I’m hoping the Pink Version will get raffled off when they become available.

Aki Kubrick Pink


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2 Responses to “Kiks Tyo x Aki Hoshino x Yone”

  1. T Says:

    At some point I’ll have to buy one of these Ts and then I’ll be a creepy guy with a half naked asian girl holding shoes that I don’t own on my shirt. That will be fun.

  2. Jero Says:

    If they did a one of these tees with Aki holding a V New Balance shoe, your head would explode.

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