Teyana Taylor

Check out the songs “Swagg”, “Traffic Stop” and “Google Me” by new Star Trak girl Teyana Taylor. All incredibly fresh. This 17 year old Harlemite is currently shooting her video for “Google Me”. Speaking of which, does anyone else get really annoyed when Jazze Pha constantly yells: “ladies and gentlemen!” He might as well come out with a song called “Ladies And Gentlemen!” and have it as his lead single from his upcoming album “Ladies And Gentlemen!”, the debut album from Ladies And Gentlemen Records. Come up with a new catch phrase already! Shit! I can’t hate too much though, his production is top notch on “Google Me” and I’ve been listening to that track non stop for the last few days.

Teyana Taylor

“Swagg” by Teyana Taylor:

“Traffic Stop” by Teyana Taylor:

“Google Me” by Teyana Taylor:


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4 Responses to “Teyana Taylor”

  1. Ghetto D Says:

    Sounds good. I was ready to chalk her up as another flavor of the month after I read her Vibe interview and seen her my sweet 16 apperance but the girl has some skillz.

  2. Ghetto D Says:

    p.s. I feel you on that Jazze Pha shit. Jermanie Dupri should of kick his ass the first time he got in booth to do his ab-libs.

  3. Jero Says:

    Yeah these songs are a good start. Her voice is really mature too, she definitely doesn’t sound like she’s 17. Having The Neptunes in your corner doesn’t hurt but time will tell if she has any lasting power.

  4. THANDIE Says:


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