Street Fighter IV: The Gangs All Here

Famitsu has posted up a whole bunch of pictures from the new Street Fighter IV which shows the cast of characters so far. Who’s in? Well, the gangs pretty much all here. The original roster plus one to be exact and I’m gonna go ahead and guess the bosses from II are gonna be present with a few more new characters to keep it fresh. The graphic style is sort of growing on me I guess, the characters seem so bulky and massive though. From that it leads one to think this game is gonna be slow. I’ve seen the video and it seems fast enough but I still can’t shake that feeling.

How bad ass would it be if Mike, Lee, Retsu, Geki and Joe were playable in IV? Who are these guys you ask? These are all characters that were in the very first Street Fighter and have yet to make another appearance in the franchise.









Chun Li

Chun Li2




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4 Responses to “Street Fighter IV: The Gangs All Here”

  1. T Says:

    okay these shots look a little more interesting

  2. DaVid Says:


  3. Ghetto D Says:

    Looks great. I wonder how the story lines are going to work out.
    Can’t wait to play.

  4. Jero Says:

    I wonder if they have changed anyones control and/or move set like they did Chun Li in SF III. Chun Li felt like a totally different character in that game compared to the way she played and felt in II.

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