Let’s Take It Back: Buy You Some

How ill is this beat? I remember this came out when I was just entering high school and when I heard these two on the same track, it fucking blew my mind. I would’ve never thought a pairing like this could sound so dope. On paper, this collab doesn’t seem like it would work but you immediately change your mind upon first listen. During a time when two coasts couldn’t get along, Erick Sermon and Too Short showed us how to properly unite east and west. Buy you some.

Check out the MC Breed cameo!


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2 Responses to “Let’s Take It Back: Buy You Some”

  1. Ghetto D Says:

    You remind me, of my fat gold chain. Some of ya’ll are just more change.

    Mayne, your coming with the heat on this one. You could hear the bass line bangin out of the trunk of every car when the song came out. I think this one of first songs with East Coast/West Coast rappers after the beef started.
    Good lookin out on this one but, wasn’t there a version of the song with Breed rappin?

  2. Jero Says:

    Werd. Yeah the remix of this song is the one with Breed rhyming on it. The bass doesn’t seem to be present when you watch this video but play it on a decent system in your car, it knocks.

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