When the hell are they gonna open up a Pinkberry by me? I’ve stood in line for rare exclusive sneakers, I’ve stood in line for the iPhone and I’ve even stood in a surprisingly long line for Leopard. Now, I think it’s time I take it to the next level and stand behind and in front of people in an orderly manner for…frozen yogurt.

Whenever a new Pinkberry opens up, there are always long lines and wait times of about an hour. And while that is nothing to someone like me with much line experience points. It’s just the fact that I would stand in line for that long for frozen yogurt of all things that is troubling me. My geekiness weighs a ton.

PB Kiwi PB Line

On a related subject, the woman that sings the official Pinkberry jingle is Tigra of the old school female hip hop group L’Trimm, famous for the song “Cars With The Boom”. Blew my mind when I found that out.

“Cars With The Boom” by L’Trimm:

“Official Pinkbery Jingle” by Rachel de Rougemont aka Lady Tigra:


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4 Responses to “Pinkberry”

  1. frankie5.0 Says:

    Pinkberry is rediculous. I would kill to have one near me. I waited in line for 45 minutes in LA to get my green tea yogurt on.

    alovesupremedreaming is probably one of the hottest blogs out there right now, love reading it man, keep it up.

    How do you post those play/pause mini players? is that a wordpress feature??


  2. Jero Says:

    Waiting 45 minutes for frozen yogurt is rad. Yeah those mini audio players are a WordPress feature I believe. I’m sure you can find something similar for livejournal though. Just peruse the message boards, you should find something.

    Thanks for the kind words man, peace.

  3. frankiefiveoh Says:

    sure thing.

    I’m pretty sure the wait isnt always that gnarly, rumor has it that two girls from The Hills were eating there that day.

    No luck with the audio, player but thanks!

  4. DaVid Says:

    My uncle used to play Cars That Go Boom 24/7

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