Gurren Lagann

It’s tough for me to warm up to giant robot anime. Reason being is that I must compare all of them to Neon Genesis Evangelion. I know how ridiculous that sounds, I mean just because I feel that Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon is the best kung fu film of all time* doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to appreciate other kung fu films. Cause I do, but when it comes to watching other giant mecha anime, it’s hard for me to shake Eva from my consciousness. Yeah it’s absurd I know but I can’t help it.

If anyone can make me watch another one and have me give it a fighting chance, it’s Gainax. Anytime the name Gainax is attached to an anime, I make it a point to at the very least check it out. After such quality anime such as FLCL, His & Her Circumstances(or “Kare Kano” for all you geeky purists out there), Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Gunbuster 2 and of course Evangelion, they have more than earned my trust. Except for Nadia, that was total crap.

So what’s Gurren Lagann about? I don’t really know. I figure it’s about giant robots which I assume will fight other giant robots. I’m sure there will be a love story of some sort. I’ll bet there will be some comedy elements and some fan service. Most likely someone will die. Oh and there’s this mole looking thing that seems to be the mascot of the series. The thing that they can make toys of and make millions of dollars from.

Does it really matter? All you really need to know is: it’s Gainax so the animation will be top notch, the character design will be really, really good, breasts will most definitely be bouncing and robots are cool. Sold. The first DVD of the series comes out in a few days. Buy it here.









*For the record Iron Monkey is my favorite kung fu film of all time.


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