Subcrew x BKRW Trucker Cap

Via Freshnessmag.

Street wear kids throughout Asia still love trucker caps. Fact. I’m not really a hat guy, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not a little bit tempted to purchase one of these.

Hong Kong street wear fam Subcrew joined forces with french online mag Black Rainbow(BKRW) to come up with this trucker cap. You can fly to Taipei to get one or you can cop them at Black Rainbows’ online shop. Last I checked there were 33 in stock so grab them while you can.

Subcrew x BKRW Trucker Cap3

Subcrew x BKRW Trucker Cap2

Subcrew x BKRW Trucker Cap4

Subcrew x BKRW Trucker Cap5


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One Response to “Subcrew x BKRW Trucker Cap”

  1. alex Says:

    i have some subkrw caps with me.i have 10 trucker caps. my email add is

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