Silly Thing x McDonalds

Is this like the new shit? I don’t know if I get this. Am I to understand that street wear brand Silly Thing is doing a collaboration with McDonalds Hong Kong? As in the fast food chain McDonalds? Will this be a limited edition run of 2000 Double Quarter Pounders at triple the price?(Oh shit! I got number 108/2000!) Did McDonalds provide the “high quality” ingredients and Silly Thing’s people used their design skills and came up with the order in which the lettuce and tomato go above the beef patty? Or did they just design the box the burger comes in?

Okay, okay, really it’s just cross promotion but personally, I think it’s alot funnier to think they had a hand at redesigning the DQP with a street wear aesthetic in mind. Whatever the case may be, if you happen to be in Hong Kong, be sure to pick one up. Mmmmmm, that’s good street wear design you’re tasting there.

Via Think Silly

Silly Thing


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6 Responses to “Silly Thing x McDonalds”

  1. newmiyamoto Says:

    First time I saw this picture, a week or so back I really thought it was a teaser pic of the packaging for a piece of Think Silly gear not packaging for an actual Double Quarter Pounder, the things some companies will do for a bit of streed cred. and conversely what designers won’t do for a little paper.

  2. Jero Says:

    It’s pretty extreme teaming up with McDonalds of all companies. I like collabs that make sense, this just seems like pimping your brand. Might as well sell out and sell your gear at Wal Mart and Target.(I don’t think Hong Kong has either but that’s not the point)

    A Bathing Ape x Wendys Spice Chicken Sandwich coming 2009!

  3. newmiyamoto Says:

    Wal Mart have already sneaked under the radar under the guise of Value Club (been around since 1995!) but that’s irrelevant as this really is one of the most ridiculous collaborations ever and the only reason I could see for it is that the HK market deems that McDonalds is “cool” (because of its success, brand power and being a foreign company selling “exotic food”) or because they associate the golden arches with urban culture and the street fashion lifestyle. I vaguely remember the big M going through a similar phase in Japan where the trendsetters made it THE place to eat and be seen.

    Wow, a long post about nothing… maybe there’s not as much to this blogging lark as everyone makes out (just kidding).

  4. Jero Says:

    Yeah I guess corporations are viewed differently depending on which country you’re in. And yes, there really is nothing to this blogging thing. Well, there isn’t much to the nonsense I’m doing, but that’s just in my case.

  5. T Says:

    Remember Bape x Pepsi? I think companies like McDonalds and Pepsi are received much differently in Asia. Like the above comment says, McDonalds is still kinda cool for Japanese.

  6. Hungry Says:

    Hmm? What photo of a burger? I can’t take my focus off that photo at the top! Far tastier than any burger…EVER!

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