Retro Games: Fatal Fury

For the holidays a friend of mine knew that I had recently bought up some old video game consoles but didn’t have any games for them. So she got me like a bunch of random games just so I had something to play. To my surprise, among them was a copy of Fatal Fury.

Now I remember as a kid renting this several times, playing and loving the hell out of it. I was expecting the same rush of excitement when I fired this game up, sadly it’s another game that doesn’t hold up well against time. I remember being pretty good at it but now I can’t even get past the second fucking fighter! It’s no where near the level of difficulty as Art of Fighting(no other fighting game in history is) but still when I play this, it’s as if it laughs at me while it hands me my ass with ease.

Man, I hope World Heroes and Samurai Showdown haven’t aged so horribly like AoF and Fatal Fury has. Maybe I shouldn’t even revisit them again, so I can preserve my fond SNK fighting game childhood memories.

Fatal Fury

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5 Responses to “Retro Games: Fatal Fury”

  1. DaVid Says:

    World Heroes doesn’t hold up. Samurai Showdown does, imo.

  2. Jero Says:

    I love World Heroes! I can see it not holding up too well. My money is on World Heroes 2 and Samurai Showdown 2. I bet those are still good.

  3. snes roms Says:

    World heroes is a brilliant game! Fatal fury winds me up on the SNES, I still have not completed it ( and I have played it for about 5 years )

  4. Jero Says:

    Yeah Fatal Fury and AoF seem to be so unbalanced as far as difficulty goes but World Heroes and Samurai Showdown seem to get it just right.

  5. T Says:

    Not a fan of snk. SFII ripoffs with impossible controls. Showdown is pretty cool though.

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