Street Fighter II Turbo in HD

Wow, look at these screens. Street Fighter II in HD is so so pretty. Since this is online, there’s sure to be some lag but besides that, it looks as if the animation runs smooth as silk. I totally prefer this graphic style over the new SF IV style. This title is for the Xbox 360 Live service which sucks for me since I don’t plan on getting one. I’m crossing my fingers for this to make its way onto the Playstation Network.

Head over to Kotaku for more info and a bunch more screens





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2 Responses to “Street Fighter II Turbo in HD”

  1. T Says:

    Looks crisp. yeah microbox is getting too many good games. It’s probably good since I don’t have time to play everything anyway. By the way as SFIV shots keep coming I’m getting more interested. I wonder if the dev team is the same crew from 3?

  2. Jero Says:

    The 360 is getting better games now than last gen but overall if one was into J games, the PS3 is the obvious choice. Speaking of which, with the amount of cash spilling out of your savings, why don’t you get one? There’s no way I can afford it, I’m just making ends meet here.

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