Souled Out Sunday: Ready

Man, the beginning of this video is so damn corny. Whatever though. I remember I bought this single when it came out back in the day and yes, that is Lloyd when he was just a young tyke riding around in a damn mall on an motorized scooter. Despite the cornball factor of this video, the song I thought was really good. Yeah I recognize that it’s totally bubblegum pop but that’s why it’s so catchy.

I like how the guys called the girls to come down to the bottom floor to see them and when they do the guys magically teleport up to the second floor. Then they try to meet up again at the end and the girls go up the escalator at the same time the guys are coming down the escalator. Idiots. And Sammie seems to make much more than a cameo in this video. He appears like five fucking times throughout. It almost seems like he’s in the goddamn group. Get the hell outta there Sammie let the other kids shine, you got your own record deal.

“I KNOW! I KNOW! THEY’RE CALLED N-TOON!!!”-Ugh, horrible.


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