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Ugh, video, video, video. I apologize for the number of videos I’ve been posting lately, when stuff comes out I feel the need to blog about, I gotta do it. I might as well title/subtitle this site A Love Supreme Dreaming: All Videos, All Day.

I feel that the goofiness of this video is directly proportional to the size of Teyana Taylors hair. This video wasn’t the BBC/Ice Cream for ladies catalog I was expecting. Nevertheless, I really like this song. The number of times I’ve played this on iTunes would explode your mind. I don’t know but when that sort of pre-chorus kicks in with the harmonies in the background I really start digging it.

Ice Cream trucks in space, Matrix backgrounds, Teyana wearing an actual Pirates hat and eye patch, kids dancing, huge Diana Ross sized hair, Omarion. This video is all over the place! One thing surprisingly missing: Pharrell. Where is he? I know he was on set. I mean she is Star Trak after all.


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2 Responses to “Google Me”

  1. Beanpaste Says:

    Look, I’m a nerd. Okay? Can we talk? I saw you guys trying to do something and having like NO comments on your ish and I stepped up to the plate! I like the site’s content, I’m off today, my comp can’t handle anything rougher than Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour with all settings on PUNK… so just let me enjoy breaking your website, okay? At least I’m not hateful. ‘Cos I know you guys are like, “Damn….who IS this dude with an opinion on every single posting??”

    I like this song and the video because of the silliness and the unity portrayed in the sequences where kids of all colors are standing in front of the ice cream truck. That was cool.

    All that and there’s no anal, so that’s also great. 😀 (See Open Letter To Porn)

  2. Jero Says:

    Thanks for the comments man. It’s cool to find others with like interests. We’re all nerds on some level here.

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