Asian Snacks I Grew Up Eating

Asian Gum

Mmmmm… generic asian gum. Lets get the bad out of the way first. The negatives on gum you could buy at asian super markets was that:

a) The flavor was always a retarded version of what the label said it was. For instance if it was labeled “grape” flavored gum, you had to really, REALLY use some imagination to convince yourself what you were tasting was grape and not “toxic ass” flavored.
b) After awhile the gum got harder than the bottom of most Nike sneakers, I’ve known friends that have lost teeth chewing this shit for any extended period of time.
c) The flavor of the gum lasts about as long as the first time I had sex with a girl without a condom.(think the length of your average commercial break from your favorite T.V. show)

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Candy: You know, this is the one candy that hasn’t aged well. The quality hasn’t held up over the years. I remember LOVING this candy cause you could eat the white wrapper that the candy was wrapped in(it was like rice paper or something) and to me that was the best part. The candy was good but it was the gimmicky wrapper that made me like this candy so much. I was young and naive then and now that i’m grown up, I see through the bullshit gimmicks. Damn you White Rabbit Candy!

Shrimp Chips

Shrimp Chips: This is the one I still frequently eat. And by “frequently” I mean once in a blue moon when I visit my parents and they have a bag. It’s not really “shrimp” flavored, to me at least.(Even though now that I think of it the thought of “shrimp” flavored chips doesn’t sound so appetizing) Hard to go wrong with these. Theres another type of “shrimp chips” thats on the market but it never broke out like these did. They were like a cross between a potato chip and a pork rind. Honestly they tasted better to me but were tougher to find than the Calbee version I’ve grown to know and love. Heres that version:

Shrimp Rinds

Mmmmm, shrimp rinds.


Yan Yan: See now Yan-Yan was/is my all time favorite Asian snack. If there was a “Holy Trinity” of asian snacks it would go something like this: Yan-Yan, Pocky and shrimp chips at the top(with White Rabbit candy being an alternate).


Pocky: In some respects this is better than Yan-Yan cause this one had the strawberry already coated on the pretzel thus taking the work out of dipping it in the strawberry yourself. Yan followers thought that Pocky was for lazy people who didn’t have the time to dip the pretzel in the strawberry themselves and Pocky followers thought that Yan-Yan was for the suckers who thought “why wear yourself out with all that extra work?”. Nevertheless, they both taste amazing and are 100% bad for your health I’m sure.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying any of these, search them out. You can get them at your local Asian food market. The snack section is usually located right next to the aisle where you can buy fresh dog and/or cat meat.


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