Yo! MTV Raps 20th Anniversary

MTV will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Yo! MTV Raps by replaying old episodes of the show. And for once since the programs last episode in 1995, for once in the last 13 years there will be a proper Hip Hop show on MTV. It’s just too bad it will probably be sandwiched between shitty reality programs and that the current MTV viewing audience won’t get just how fresh it was to have a Hi-top fade with words and/or graphics cut into the side of your head. Kids will also get their minds blown when they find out that wearing colored pants and polka dotted clothing was dope at one point in Hip Hop’s history.

The best thing about Yo! MTV Raps coming back on air? The return of the Ed Lover Dance!



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One Response to “Yo! MTV Raps 20th Anniversary”

  1. Beanpaste Says:

    Okay, I don’t like peeing on people’s new shoes so I left The Funky Lyte Ones alone. BUT I KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THE ED LOVER DANCE!

    *The Sixth Sense* I HEAR HORNS!

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