Nick Rox aka Nick Des Barres

My fellow geek and Fresh Pebbles blogger, Eccoboy has done some deep research on one of our favorite game writers/reviewers of all time, Nick Des Barres. He told me he had to endure countless link clicking and went very deep in the rabbit hole to even begin to get some information on the man.

Des Barres is currently one of Play magazines Japanese correspondents but to me he’ll always be the reviewer of Final Fantasy VII for my favorite video game magazine of all time, Gamefan. He actually still owns the issue with the FF7 review and admitted to me that he still reads it from time to time. I also owned this issue way back when but like many things, most likely tossed it by the wayside. There might be a sliver of a chance it’s at my parents house but it’s very doubtful.

Check out the Fresh Pebbles blog for the full story.


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3 Responses to “Nick Rox aka Nick Des Barres”

  1. Samuel Says:

    Nick Rox.Man.You were my hero back when you with Gamefan.I guess I kind of grew up trying to be you.Seriously.I’ve been hardcore into Videogames and Anime everyday since 1981.I’ve only known you through reviews,and because of those reviews I always wanted to play those games from Japan.I’ve collected every retro system and been a collector every since.Thanks man.

    One question. How do you feel about the current generation of games?It still doesn’t sit right with me.They’re missing something.

  2. Jero Says:


    Since I’m not actually Nick Des Barres I can’t answer that question for him but myself personally I think games today are missing Metroidvania style platforming in a 2D space. That and they need more high school relationship sims.

  3. triverse Says:

    I have most of the Gamefan issues ever released if you guys are interested in reading them, I am currently scanning them into my computer for archiving (re-reading them over and over is quite damaging). Just let me know.
    Nick Rox was one of the reasons I started reading Gamefan (I remember the trouble that got started with Working Designs over his review of Lunar Eternal Blue-have the issue too).

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