Paris, Tokyo

What do you get when you mix tailored suits, camels and Goyard luggage that costs more than your life? Lu’s “Paris, Tokyo” video, that’s what. Enjoy it folks cause here we have what will most likely be the last video from The Cool and unless a Child Rebel Soldier album comes to fruition, you’ll have to wait quite awhile for LUPEnd for some substantial Lupe material.

Not my favorite from the album(that title belongs to “Gold Watch”) but a nice track and a good choice for a single. The video is alright, I like it, it fits the song. I was hoping maybe we would get some street wear cameos(Big-O, Le Messie, Edison Chen) but sadly none to be seen. And is it just me or does this beat sound very Tribe Called Quest-ish?


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2 Responses to “Paris, Tokyo”

  1. Luggage Sets Says:

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  2. Jero Says:


    What do you guys think? Spam? Corned Beef?

    Thanks “Luggage Sets”, haha.

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