Sold Out: Fire Red Dope Trucker Cap

Surprise, surprise. Fire red Dope Trucker Cap sells out! Wake the kids.

Every Dope Distribution Trucker Cap sells out within minutes(this time in 30), this isn’t news. What I was really hoping to present to you was some pictures of people standing in line for it. That’s what I love most about these kind of releases, normally we get a chance to see what kind of people who would be this geeky and obsessive and hype beastly enough to stand in line for a fucking hat. I mean who would do that? *cough* Me. *cough*

I’m kinda let down that we didn’t get any this time around. I have this weird obsession of pictures of lines for anything street wear related. I should start another blog that is strictly pictures of people lining up for over priced limited edition clothing and/or foot wear. People can submit pictures of the lines and wacky or boring stories that happened while they stood in them. This would be a blog I would be all over.

The line for the last Dope Trucker.


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