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Serenity Now! The Mixtape About Nothing

May 30, 2008

For quite sometime I kept hearing and reading about a rapper named Wale. “Who the fuck is Wale?!”, “I haven’t heard of him, so he must be stupid.” are phrases I would say. Then I did a little research, a little digging, heard The Roots single. I liked what I heard, then I saw the W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. video…..sold. I get it now, I wish I had gotten it sooner but better late than never.

I like Wale, I wish I could say I was up on him from the jump but I can’t. I let my Hip Hop elitist side get the best of me. I really need to correct my snobbish attitude towards new rap. I’m really not prepared to be that old guy screaming how Hip Hop was better in the olden days just yet.(I almost am though) From here on out I will keep an open mind and ear to new rap. Unless of course it has any trace of “Crunk” or “Hyphy” in it. Those are two things I will forever shit on.

Oh yeah, Wale’s “The Mixtape About Nothing” came out today, get it here.


Fuji Rod

May 26, 2008

I don’t post about shoes too often. So when I do find one that tickles my fancy(Did I really just say that? Tickles my fancy? Wow.), it’s kinda a big deal…to me at least cause I really don’t get too excited over shoes like I use to. If you can read Japanese, head over to Honeyee and read more about the Nike SB Fuji Rod. I like the simple design and colors used. The rainbow on the heel is very fresh and the pastelle yellow and gray are a nice touch. Comes out on May 31st but really, what does it matter? Chances you’re not gonna be able to track a pair down and if you do it would be difficult to obtain a pair without paying an astronomical price for it.

Nike SB + P-Rod 2 + Hiroshi Fujiwara = I want it.

Click to enlarge:

Iron Mic Cypher

May 25, 2008

I don’t know why I keep watching these but all I know is they need to release them on a regular basis. I can’t even imagine the hours of hilarity they have stashed away somewhere in the back of a closet in some classroom. I want all of them complied on a DVD. Someone seriously needs to make that happen.

Check out J-Work who raps much differently than the way he talks, the Russian kid rhyming about getting his “GPA up to the sky everyday” and Son Dooby of Funkdoobiest’s half Asian son rapping last. My favorite thing about this has to be when we get to meet the rappers at the end of the video cause we’re treated to such entertaining words of wisdom such as:

“Okay, representing 06′, representing Russia…representing all of the acedemic P.I.M.P.’s out there. Whatever you want, I’ll represent you. If you got yourself a brain, or you from Russia, or you from 06…”

“What’s down ya heard me? It’s ya boy J-Work, ya heard me? Representing New Orleans. To the fullest. Class of 08′ freshmen. Ya heard me? We doing this little cypher thing ya heard me? You know I had to get…ya heard me, the rest of the class up in here, ya heard me, had to get it straight. The cypher. We gonna do it again, probably next year sometime cause you know this is the exclusive. Ya dig what I’m saying? So, ya heard me, that’s how it is we out…”

Ya heard me?

Sample Clearance: Skyy/Too Short

May 22, 2008

“High” by Skyy:

“Short But Funky” by Too $hort:

Bake Sale Today

May 20, 2008

The Cool Kids have finally released Bake Sale so support the Kids and pick it up. I really don’t need to go too in depth with this review. It’s only the EP. Still banging though.

“What Up Man”: How bananas is this song? They should make a whole album where the sound is actually said while it hits.
“One Two”: How ill is that seal yelp? Doesn’t that shit just make this song that much iller?
“Mikey Rocks”: This beat is so fucking dirty ass retarded. Dare you to stop from nodding your head to it.They shouldn’t play this song in the vicinity of people with broken necks.
“88”: This song makes me want to go to my parents house and rummage through all of my old clothes and wear them. I’d rock a Body Glove shirt, my purple Cross Colour pants and my British Knights sneakers. The same ones I saw this kid on Double Dare wear. To round out my outfit I’d wear my snap bracelet. All of this while practicing the Roger Rabbit in the mirror.
“What It Is”: Let’s speed it up a bit.
“Black Mags”: Super tight pants are the next shit.
“A Little Bit Cooler”: Freeeeesssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh…
“Gold And A Pager”: Gold is the new silver fam.
“Bassment Party”: “Rappers need to ryhme over electro beats more often.
“Jingling”: Dope.

So far my favorite Hip Hop album released this year.

Souled Out Sunday: Teenage Love Affair

May 18, 2008

Nostalgia is such a powerful thing. Do you remember talking late into the night about nothing at all? Conversations that went absolutely nowhere. All with the intent of getting some. As brainless as those conversations seem now looking back, I wouldn’t trade them in for anything in the world. Ah teenage love. Can it be that it was all so simple then?

The Standing Eight(May ’08)

May 18, 2008

8. Moleskine Paper: Using my Moleskine again after a 6 month hiatus.
7. Amphilophus Labiatus aka The Red Devil: Farewell to my five Clowns(The Furious 5) who wouldve grown way to large for my tank anyhow. They’re in a better more suiting home now. Hello to my solitary baby Red Devil.
6. 3G: If the next gen iPhone does indeed come out within the next few months and AT&T somehow manages to sell it for $200, I will have a new iPhone. If it’s anymore than two bills, I’ll definitely pass. I mean more than likely I’m gonna pass. Probably gonna pass on it…maybe. Maybe.
5. Man Up: There comes a time where you gotta just do it.
4. NBA Playoffs: The most television I watch all year. I live for the playoffs. Here’s hoping for a Lakers/Cavs or a Lakers/Celtics Finals. Go Clippers!
3. Canon G9: Before I go to Japan, I will have to get this camera. With custom grip and thumb rest.
2. P3: Fes vs. Arcana Heart: Should I buy Persona 3: Fes and Arcana Heart even though I have no time to play them? Play magazine gave P3 a perfect 10 and Arcana an 8.5, so my choice will be obvious if I decide to get one.
1. Staring Contest: I don’t care the outcome. Regardless if you win or lose, challenging Jessica Alba in a staring contest is always a win/win in my book.

A Conversation Between A Guy And A Girl

May 17, 2008

One that has been going on in some form or another since the beginning of time itself. I’m positive.

Guy: Ayo sweetie, you’re lookin kinda pretty, what’s a girl like you doing in this rough city?
Girl: I’m just here, tryin to hold my own ground.
Guy: Yeah, I think I like how that sound. What you say we gets to know each other better?
Girl: That sounds good but I don’t think that I can let ya.
Guy: I don’t know, tell me is it so, do you get a kick out of tellin brothers no?
Girl: No it’s not that see you don’t understand. How should I put it, I got a man.
Guy: What’s your man got to do with me?
Girl: I told ya.
Guy: I’m not tryin to hear that see.
Girl: I’m not one of those girls that go rippin around.
Guy: I’m not a dog baby, so don’t play me like a clown.
Girl: I’ll admit, I like how you kick it.
Guy: Now you’re talkin baby, that’s the ticket.
Girl: Now don’t get excited and chuck your own in. I already told ya, I got a man.
Guy: What’s your man got to do with me?
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: I’m not tryin to hear that see.
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: What’s your man got to do with me?
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: I’m not tryin to hear that.
Girl: Now you can persist and play Don Juan all day, but ain’t nothin gonna change.
Guy: Yeah baby, sure you’re right. Imma break it down and do whatever I gots to do. I tell you know, I got eyes for you.
Girl: You got eyes, but they not for me. You better use them for what they for and that’s to see.
Guy: You know what’s the problem, ya not used to learnin. I’m Big Daddy Longstroke, and your man’s Pee Wee Herman.
Girl: I got a question to ask you troop. Are you a chef? Cause you keep feedin me soup.
Guy: You know what they say about those who sweat thyself, you might find yourself, by yourself. I’m not waitin because I’m no waiter, so when I blow up don’t try to kick it to me later.
Girl: All them girls must got you gassed.
Guy: Hey when they see a good thing they don’t let it pass.
Girl: Well that’s OK, cause see if that’s their plan. Cause for me, I already got a man.
Guy: What’s your man got to do with me?
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: I’m not tryin to hear that see.
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: What’s your man got to do with me?
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: I’m not tryin to hear that. What am I? Some crab inmate that just came home from jail sweatin you for a date? I don’t want no beef, I just wants to get together.
Girl: But how you talkin, pssssh, whatevah!
Guy: We can’t have nothing.
Girl: It all depends.
Guy: Well if we can’t be lovers than we can’t be friends.
Girl: Well then I guess it’s nothing.
Well hey I think you’re bluffing.
Girl: Well I’ma call my man.
Guy: Well I can get raggamuffin. Ya better catch a flashback remember I’m not crabbin it. You know my style, and I’m not having it.
Girl: All I remember’s an excuse me miss. You can’t get a guy like me with a line like this.
Guy: Well look I’ll treat you good.
Girl: My man treats me better.
Guy: I talk sweet on the phone.
Girl: My man writes love letters.
Guy: I’ll tell you that I want you, and tell you that I care.
Girl: My man says the same except he’s sincere.
Guy: Well I’m clean cut and dapper, that’s what I’m about.
Girl: My man buys me things and he takes me out.
Guy: Well you can keep your man, cause I don’t go that route.
Girl: Don’t you know yiu have to respect me.
Guy: There’s a lot of girls out there who won’t say no.
Girl: You’re out for mami with your DJ Money.
Guy: Boom batter my pockets is gettin fatter.
Guy: I wanna turn you on and excite you. Let me know the spot on your body and I bite you. So when your man don’t treat you like he used to, I kick in like a turbo booster. You want lovin you don’t have to ask when. Your man’s a headache, I’ll be your aspirin. All confusion, you know I’ll solve em.
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: You got a what? How long you had that problem? What’s your man got to do with me?
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: I’m not tryin to hear that see.
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: What’s your man got to do with me?
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: I’m not tryin to hear that.
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: Ayo baby put the dial numbers or your address.
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: I told ya I treat you right.
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: Aw c’mon now ain’t no future in frontin.
Girl: I’m not havin it.
Guy: C’mon miss, oh we back on that again. Uh, I’m not tryin to hear that see.
Girl: I got a man.
Guy: But your man ain’t me.


Gordon Gartrell Radio

May 16, 2008

Yessir! Phonte and DJ Brainchild have started a weekly podcast called Gordon Gartrell Radio where they play music and discuss world topics, cooking recipes and gardening tips. The inaugural episode Phonte covers a wide array of interesting subjects from laughing at retarded people(Iron Mic Freestyle Battle) to Hilary Clinton swagger jacking. Gordon Gartrell Radio covers it all.

I love Phonte, I love Little Brother, I love the Gordon Gartrell episode of The Cosby Show and now I love Gordon Gartrell Radio. They play a nice mix of things past and present to get you through your day. I totally trust and respect their choices based solely on the fact that Brainchild plays both “I’m Gonna Miss You” by Milli Vanilli and “Get On The Dance Floor” by Poly in their very first episode. That deserves praise.

Wow, the Gordon Gartrell episode of The Cosby Show is so amazingly classic. I remember when Denise calls Vanessa into the room to keep her company cause she’s nervous about making the fake Gordon Gartrell shirt and then you hear Theo yell “DENISE!!!” Seeing the shirt Denise made and how one sleeve was longer than the other. Wow, that image is forever funny in my mind. Sometimes if I notice one of my friends get a new shirt, I say “It’s dope” and ask: “What is it? Gordon Gartrell?” 9 times out of 10 they’re looking at me with a puzzled look on their face while they watch me laugh uproariously for the next 5 minutes.

Get the first episode of Gordon Gartrell Radio here.

The word “Gordon Gartrell” was used a total of 10 times during this post.

Laced Got Dope Truckers!

May 16, 2008

Too bad the Laced I’m referring to is located in Brisbane, Australia. I wish Dope Distribution would distribute(sorry that was horrible) to the US.