I was looking for a good video game podcast to listen to. I had had enough of Cagcast and visited 1up and thought the sound of a podcast concerning old video games alluring. Gave it a try, loved it and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

I’ve had many a favorite podcasts that I’ve listened to but I have to say that 1up’s Retronauts is my absolute favorite. Retronauts is a podcast which focuses on old video games and consoles. The show has had over 40 episodes of vintage gaming goodness and have covered everything from the history of Mega Man and Secret of Mana series to the death of the arcade and past video game music. The show is hosted by 1up editor Jeremy Parrish with Retronaut regulars Scott Sharkey and Wired Magazine’s Chris Kohler. The show also features a rotating lineup of various 1up editors such as James Mielke, Shane Bettenhausen and Ray Barnholdt.

This show is easily one of the geekiest podcasts I subscribe to. The amount of gaming knowledge that is on display when you listen to the show is unbelievable. No fact is too obscure. The show has gotten me back into games from my past and games I never got around to playing and is the reason I occasionally do a Retro Games post. If you prefer old school games over the new fancy crap that’s out nowadays(of course I’m only saying that because I don’t have a next gen console and will probably change my view the second I get one), then give it a listen.

My Top 5 Favorite Retronauts Episodes:

5. Episode 37: Super Smash Bros. – I don’t particularly like this game but I love this episode. It’s two hours of hilarious banter over the uber fan service of SSB.
4. Episode 22: Neo Geo – I never knew anyone with a Neo Geo console growing up. To me, it was the console of myth. A console that only existed in the import game advertisement page in all the old video game mags. It was nice to finally hear first hand experience on people who owned it.
3. Episode 23: Secret of Mana – A history through the Mana series from its glorious beginnings to its shit ass present day versions. I love this episode because they talk about one of my favorite games of all time, Seiken Densetsu 3. A game which I had the import of and beat without knowing how to read a word of Japanese. I always have to mention that whenever talk about this game.
2. Episode 30: Chrono Trigger – Revisiting one of the greatest RPG’s to ever grace a console. One of the funniest episodes to date.
1. Episode 37: Sega Saturn – This is the show that started it all for me. The amount of importing game knowledge of these guys blow my mind.


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6 Responses to “Retronauts”

  1. T Says:

    I’m still trying to like this one. I like the content, sometimes, but I can’t get passed the nerdy dudes and the way they talk. The 1up video podcast looks promising and one day I plan to watch it.

  2. Jero Says:

    Compared to all other video game podcasts, I would say that they act the least nerdy. That’s not saying much though.

  3. chrishodges Says:

    I love Retronauts. I only semi-recently discovered it myself. It was like Christmas morning having a backlog of so many to begin with and listen to one after the other; it’s going to be a sad day when I get caught up and actually have to wait for the new ones. Admittedly I haven’t listened to all of them because I fear spoilers. Yes, I said spoilers: I haven’t played Chrono Trigger yet and still plan to someday πŸ˜› I hate that so many podcasts have made the move to video; I like video podcasts okay, but I prefer the audio ones because you can just listen to them on the train, in the shower, while doing chores, etc. It’s like talk radio for people who like talk radio but don’t much care for sports or political chat. I have to say this is probably my overall favorite podcast as well, with Kevin Smith’s SModcast a close second. The only frustrating thing about Retronauts is wanting to play the games after they talk about them, and not having access to all of them (I just don’t have the hardware or aptitude for emulation). I especially got that itch after their adventure games podcast.

  4. Jero Says:

    I also love Smodcast. The last few have been really good. I really only like it when Scott Mosier is with Kevin Smith. I kinda like Walt and Jason Mews when they co host.

  5. free roms Says:

    The chrono trigger episode is hilarious πŸ™‚

  6. Jero Says:

    ^Yeah. Sharkey’s in top form on this one.

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